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Automate prospect follow up with AI-powered conversational emails. Your win rate is zero in accounts you never worked. With AI-powered 6sense ® Conversational Email, sales and marketers can craft personalized emails at scale that qualify and convert accounts into sales meetings.

Move accounts through the buying journey

Deliver personalized, and contextually-relevant, emails to all of your buyers throughout every step of their buying process.

Boost conversion rates with less effort

Prequalify inbound leads with lightning speed, create personalized emails in a few clicks, and proactively engage all of your buyers with automated campaigns.

Improve BDR efficiency to retain top talent

Take away the guesswork and time-intensive parts of your BDRs' jobs. Leverage AI to create more engaging emails and automate qualification.

Drive Efficiency & Increase Conversions​

Revenue teams have long suffered from overworked BDRs and low conversion rates. With 6sense Conversational Email, you can say goodbye to too many inbound requests, inefficient outbound to uninterested contacts, gaps in the inbound qualification process, and mistimed outreach, and say hello to more quality pipeline.

Move accounts through the buying journey

Keep your buyers engaged at every step of their journey with relevant and personalized messaging unique to their needs.

Scale your efforts with AI that responds to buyer behavior and enrolls them in the most appropriate cadence. 

Vendavo sourced over $3.3M in pipeline with Conversational Email.

AI Assistant ‘Lisa’ delivered 66 qualified contacts, 19 meetings booked, and 10 opportunities for the team.

Qualify & convert leads

Create workflows for your AI assistant to qualify, nurture, and convert inbound leads into booked meetings.

Nurture leads at scale

Setup various AI assistants with unique personas to send tailored peer-to-peer nurture emails.

Ensure timely response

Use AI driven responses and automation to serve relevant and timely outreach.

Boost conversion rates with less effort

Automate your conversion and qualification processes, leading to better qualified leads and less time wasted on manual efforts.

Keep all of your leads warm with automated campaigns that deliver personalized and relevant messaging, ensuring an opportunity never slips through the cracks.

Randstad generated 2.5x more sales meetings using Conversational Email.

Let AI do the work

Utilize AI to engage prospects until they’re ready for human interaction.

Reduce BDR efforts

Allow AI to handle meeting conversion and scheduling with qualified accounts.

Increase capacity

Manage a higher volume of inbound leads, and convert more of them into opportunities.

Improve BDR efficiency to retain top talent

Eliminate the time BDRs waste writing personalized outreach emails, qualifying leads, and trying to schedule meetings.

Leverage AI to reduce those manual processes leading to a better experience for buyers, improved efficiency for your sellers, and increased engagement.

Auth0 increased deal sizes by 25% and sourced $3M in net-new pipeline.

Eighty percent of all Auth0 opportunities come from 6sense-qualified accounts (6QAs).

Eliminate wasted efforts

No more sending emails to uninterested contacts; AI will only loop in a human into the right conversations.

Increase win rates & deal sizes

Prioritizing your sales efforts on 6sense-qualified accounts leads to 4x win rates and 2x deal sizes.

Engage the entire buying team

After acquiring the right contacts, multithread and outreach to the entire buying team.

“With Conversational Email, (SDRs) get higher conversion rates, and people are teed-up and ready to talk with them. It helps us retain inbound SDRs. They are having more human conversations, find it easier to hit quota, and are making more money.”

Brian Kardon

Chief Marketing Officer , InVision

Conversational Email Features:

AI Conversation Flow Builder

Leverage a powerful visual conversation builder and best-practice trained AI to anonymously run thousands of simultaneous conversations.

AI Email Assistant & Scheduler

Let AI effortlessly engage the correct buying team members, schedule follow-up based on out-of-office replies, book meetings with the right owners, and send targeted content.

AI Qualification & Sales Handover

'Automatically qualify and categorize accounts based on contact replies, then leverage integrated workflows to connect the right salespeople.

Hyper Personalization

Turn simple marketing inputs into ready-to-use emails based on millions of data inputs. AI continuously learns to optimize messages for your business.

Dynamic Content

Set up multivariate content blocks tailored to specific keywords, segments, personas, or products to dynamically tailor emails to your target audience.

Workflow Automations

Set up and prioritize automated workflow triggers based on account buying behavior and contact activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

An AI email assistant engages, qualifies leads, and holds personalized conversations on behalf of sales and marketing teams. They are customizable, intelligent, and never get sick. You can build a variety of AI email assistants for different personas and campaigns to ensure no revenue opportunity gets missed.

Conversational email is a tool that combines the latest in artificial intelligence and natural language processing to help sales and marketing teams automate email outreach and increase lead conversion rates. It assists with generating one-to-one conversational email campaigns, understanding customer intent, and looping in appropriate team members as needed.

AI can be used in email marketing to automate processes such as personalizing outbound emails, segmenting audiences, and predicting how to engage the best accounts. AI can also be used to keep prospects engaged in email conversations until they are ready for human interaction, improving lead quality and eliminating wasted seller effort.

Integrations built to centralize & maximize your tech stack

6sense integrates with a wide range of sales, marketing, and operations technologies.

Improve data, connect critical systems, build more engaging campaigns, and deepen the insights that live within your existing tech stack.

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