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6sense Revenue AI™ for Sales offers a single seamless digital destination where sellers can acquire account and buying team intelligence fast

Streamline workflows, uncover hidden sales opportunities, accurately identify anonymous buyer intent data, and prioritize accounts that are ready to buy right now.

Reveal hidden demand

Immediately capture anonymous buyer research to know what’s happening with your accounts. The days of getting into deals late or missing them altogether are over.

Reach the best accounts

Our proven intent data and predictive AI builds fresh lists of prioritized accounts and contacts to target every day. It’s time to break up with endless lists of accounts and bogus contacts.

Save sellers' time

Boost productivity and centralize workflows with unified account and buyer intelligence available inside your CRM and other tools your sellers use every day.

A revolution in revenue creation.

Years ago, 6sense transformed the way modern B2B revenue teams do business by using AI to predict — with uncanny precision — which accounts were “in market” for their products.

 Now we’re revolutionizing the entire prospecting experience by giving sellers everything they need to confidently pursue those predictions and convert them into customers.

Uncover hidden opportunities using unique account & contact intelligence

Buyers conduct 70% of their research anonymously, far from your revenue team’s eyes. Revenue AI for Sales collects those invisible intent signals, analyzes them, and accurately connects them to accounts across devices, channels, and locations. 

6sense’s AI then tells you the best accounts to pursue, where those accounts are in their buying journey, and who makes up the buying team.

dark funnel

Reveal anonymous buyers

Illuminate and identify net-new accounts and the buying team members who are actively seeking a solution like yours.

Deliver real interactions

Make every touchpoint persuasive, impactful, and valuable by understanding a prospect's keyword research, web page visits, campaign activity, and tech stack changes.

Keep dazzling customers

Revenue AI for Sales notifies you when customers are researching your competitors' solutions, helping you prevent churn, increase deal size, and drive cross-sell.

engage the right accounts

Focus your sellers' efforts with prioritized account lists

Armed with daily prioritized lists of in-market accounts, trending contacts, and recommended actions, your sellers will always know who to engage, and why.

Within three months, PTC sourced millions in net-new pipeline from 6sense-identified accounts.

6sense also helped PTC identify 1,200 net-new accounts and 1,000 qualified leads.

Command your pipeline

Sellers can consistently hit pipeline and revenue targets by leveraging a steady stream of qualified in-market accounts that meet your unique criteria.

Multi-threading made easy

Identify influential buying team members based their roles, content consumption, and engagement across all marketing and sales activities.

Always be a step ahead

The powerful combo of complete buyer & account intelligence and AI-powered recommended actions ensures your sellers always know what to do next.

Stay laser-focused on selling

Revenue AI for Sales delivers a consolidated, productivity-boosting selling experience inside the tools your team uses every day. Up-to-date buyer data, insights, and recommended actions are mere mouse-clicks away.

Showpad improved close rates by 289% using 6sense to prioritize its efforts.

Seventy-six percent of Showpad's qualified opportunities were sourced by 6sense.

Unify marketing & sales data

Gain a complete view of all account activity, intent signals, contact data, firmographic, technographic, and psychographic details in one place.

Engage with ease

Equipped with highly relevant buyer insights, sellers can quickly add contacts to cadences or engage them directly via immediate access to accurate contact information.

Streamline just about everything

Bring together modern prospecting workflows and buyer intelligence inside leading CRM and sales engagement platforms.


“6sense has done an amazing job at accurately matching anonymous signals to accounts in our system, uncovering opportunities that we would have otherwise not seen or been able to act on.”

Michael Lamb

Director of Marketing Technology, Mitel

“Now our sales teams are confident when calling on a prospect who knows who Marathon Health is. They understand the services that we provide, and they’re actually ready to have a conversation and talk about how our services can help the employee population.”

Troy Purdue

Director of Growth Marketing, Marathon Health

“If we know where a buyer is in their buyer journey and we use that information, it’s a lot more useful in meeting users where they are and getting them to engage with our brand. We’ve seen that convert a lot higher than just doing personalization for the sake of doing personalization.”

Erin O’Neill

Website Marketing Manager, Qualtrics

“My team is able to create focused 1:1 content and messaging, reaching the right buyer at the right time and accelerating the deal by continually pushing great content to that account and buying group in the sales cycle.”

Uran Kabashi

Global Demand Generation & ABM Manager, Aprimo

Revenue AI for Sales Features

Account Intelligence

Give every seller unparalleled clarity into their accounts and contacts to proactively prospect the best opportunities, craft better outreach, and close deals faster.

Company & People Search

Quickly engage ideal customers with an intuitive B2B account and contact search engine powered by the most relevant and accurate data — including verified emails and phone numbers.

Buyer Intent Data

Get into more opportunities and beat the competition by uncovering anonymous buyers who are actively researching solutions like yours right now.

Predictive Analytics

Focus effort on the prospects who are most likely to buy using AI models that continuously learn from historical and real-time data.

Prioritization Dashboards

Empower sellers with personalized daily dashboards that deliver focused lists of accounts and contacts to engage based on buyer behavior and 6sense predictions.

Prospecting Workflows

Bring all of the insights and intelligence sellers need right inside their CRM or Sales Engagement Platform to easily acquire and engage buyers at scale.

Chrome Extension

Sellers can access deep 6sense insights while browsing company websites or LinkedIn using the 6sense Chrome extension to uncover contact data or quickly prepare for conversations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sales Intelligence software provides the necessary buyer data to a sales team to sell into accounts. Sales intelligence takes buyer intent data and shows sellers what accounts are in market, who makes up the buying team for those accounts, and what actitivies and actions the buyers have taken.

Sellers gain access to a world of contact data & account insights as they conduct research, improving prospecting efficiency while they seek new opportunities. Sellers see their territory of accounts and which ones are ready to buy, helping prioritize seller activity as buying cycles start for prospects. Sellers see details about buyers and buying teams, insights into keywords, value, & talking points help sellers personalize their outreach to drive deals forward.

Sales Intelligence integrates seamlessly with all major CRMs, providing a tab within each CRM for sellers to use and while bringing connected revenue data and insights to sales.

Integrations built to centralize & maximize your tech stack

6sense integrates with a wide range of sales, marketing, and operations technologies.

Improve data, connect critical systems, build more engaging campaigns, and deepen the insights that live within your existing tech stack.

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Activate relevant and efficient audience targeting, with industry-leading account identification, intent data and predictive models.