Use clean, accurate — and complete — data to scale processes and drive revenue.

Never Leave Revenue Growth to Chance

6sense captures, cleanses, and structures data from multiple sources to identify in-market accounts — and delivers the insights that empower revenue teams to exceed their revenue goals.

Revenue Operations

Empower Front-Line Teams with Superior Data

6sense aligns sales and marketing on the best accounts to pursue and when to work them to maximize conversations, increase conversions, and boost win rates. 

Equip your sales and marketing teams with the intel they need to:

Key Features for Operations Leaders

Account Identification

Gain visibility into anonymous buying signals to help sales and marketing identify and target the right opportunities. 

Predictive Scoring

Combine years of your historical data with real-time activity data and signals to align sales and marketing on the best accounts and buying team members to pursue.

Data Enrichment & Management

Keep account and contact records automatically up-to-date by continually examining all B2B data available from 6sense — including contacts, firmographics, and technographics. 

Advanced Analytics

Gain deeper insights into your go-to-market performance and how marketing contributes value.

Audience Orchestration

Deliver the right message or content to the right buyers at the right time across native 6sense or integrated channels.

Pipeline Intelligence

Leverage AI-powered recommendations to plan, track, and forecast pipeline quality and make the right adjustments to meet your revenue goals.

Build Repeatable Processes At Scale

6sense uses the right technologies and workflows to eliminate cross-team friction and faulty data to generate unparalleled marketing and sales efficiency.

Create automated workflows to improve data quality and engage target buyers by: 

Build effective go-to-market strategies

Increase revenue by creating go-to-market plans and sales territories based on complete TAM and ICP data.

Prioritize the best accounts

Build a data-driven approach to uncovering and prioritizing accounts actively researching a solution like yours.

Boost inbound growth

Prioritize inbound leads for BDRs with predictive scoring that eliminates arbitrary point-based models and guesswork — and increases your conversion rates.

Better (& Cleaner) Data = Better Results

Eliminate the waste in your GTM efforts by optimizing technology investments, working with reliable data, and prioritizing resources on the best revenue opportunities.

6sense’s CDP, a unified data source, improves sales and marketing efficiency by sharing a comprehensive view of account activity leading to:

Improve your database health

Enhance accuracy and actionability of your information with data appending, sourcing, and identity resolution.

Optimize GTM workflows

Use integrated CRM and MAP data — plus 6sense’s native account, intent, and predictive data — to automate workflow triggers that engage buyers across channels.

Accurately forecast demand

Ditch clunky spreadsheets for 6sense Pipeline Intelligence to forecast gaps in your pipeline and take action on each go-to-market segment.

“The ability to pair account scoring as well as engagement scoring is critical for campaigns to work better — and it ultimately enables us to have more use cases across the organization.”

Joe Rapolla

Sales and Marketing Operations Manager, Nanawall


“This wasn’t just a marketing initiative, it was a joint initiative — a business transformation.”

Paul Tasker

VP of Marketing Operations, Sage Software

“When we went through Predictive Lead Modeling, we saw that 35% of our lead volume really converted less than 1% of the time. Those leads that Predictive Lead Scoring deemed As and Bs converted 2-3x the average.”

Tara Corey

Vice President of Marketing Operations, Qlik

Calculate Sales Velocity & Lift Using 6sense

Armed with valuable insights from 6sense Sales Intelligence, sales teams close bigger opportunities, faster. Leverage our tool to calculate the impact of leveraging 6sense on your sales velocity KPIs.

Integrations built to centralize & maximize your tech stack

6sense integrates with a wide range of sales, marketing, and operations technologies.

Improve data, connect critical systems, build more engaging campaigns, and deepen the insights that live within your existing tech stack.


Ready to see 6sense in action?

Activate relevant and efficient audience targeting, with industry-leading account identification, intent data and predictive models.