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“6sense has done an amazing job at accurately matching anonymous signals to accounts in our system, uncovering opportunities that we would have otherwise not seen or been able to act on.”

Michael Lamb

Director of Marketing Technology, Mitel

“Now our sales teams are confident when calling on a prospect who knows who Marathon Health is. They understand the services that we provide, and they’re actually ready to have a conversation and talk about how our services can help the employee population.”

Troy Purdue

Director of Growth Marketing, Marathon Health

“If we know where a buyer is in their buyer journey and we use that information, it’s a lot more useful in meeting users where they are and getting them to engage with our brand. We’ve seen that convert a lot higher than just doing personalization for the sake of doing personalization.”

Erin O’Neill

Website Marketing Manager, Qualtrics

“My team is able to create focused 1:1 content and messaging, reaching the right buyer at the right time and accelerating the deal by continually pushing great content to that account and buying group in the sales cycle.”

Uran Kabashi

Global Demand Generation & ABM Manager, Aprimo

Account-Based Experience

Account-Based Experience

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Latané Conant

Latané Conant

Chief Market Officer, 6sense

Kerry Cunningham

Kerry Cunningham

Head of Research, 6sense

Eric Wittlake

Eric Wittlake

Sr. Director of Strategic Marketing, 6sense

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