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Capture Revenue Moments

Discover intent signals from interested buyers.

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Precisely predict which accounts are ready to buy.

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Use a centralized solution to win bigger deals, faster.

6sense G2 Reviews & Recognitions

“When I showed my CRO 6sense, he said, ‘I had no idea this type of data-driven marketing was even possible.’”

Ali Jawin

VP of Global Marketing, Reptrak

“We were able to double our average deal size in the first six months.”

Blake Adams

Senior VP of Marketing

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Our customers revolutionize the way companies do business with 6sense.

“Millions of dollars in sales have come solely on net-new opportunities that have been uncovered by 6sense.”  — Bob Dudzinski, Vice President of Corporate Development

“With the buyer intent and predictive modeling insights from 6sense, the guessing game becomes a strategic game plan for our reps.” — Kris Laird, Director of Sales Development


“We’ve been exceeding our pipeline acceleration goals by leaps and bounds every quarter since adopting 6sense.” — Bryce Nobles, Growth Manager

“6sense has been incredibly valuable — a huge win for us. We’ve scaled and aligned the business around a single go-to-market strategy and 6sense is right in the middle of it.” — Paul Tasker, Vice President of Marketing Operations

Duo Security

“Before 6sense, there was so hoping we were moving in the right direction, but 6sense takes the guesswork out of it. The whole game plan has changed.” — Laura Kar, Business Development Manager

“6sense is the center of excellence. I like to call it your night-vision goggles. You can go in with insights from 6sense to see behind the ‘walls’ and be relevant to your prospects.” — Rachael Tiow, Director of ABM

Revolutionizing B2B Marketing

“Your website activity, email clicks, and other engagements with your brand are a fraction of what your market is doing. Being able to unlock additional insights is powerful and revolutionizing how we think about B2B marketing.”

Casey Carey

Chief Marketing Officer, Kazoo

Finding Opportunities for Sales

“6sense is our ‘fish finder’ — with an ocean full of fish, 6sense tells you where to drop the line. If you’re not leveraging this as a seller, you’re missing out on opportunity. As a user, it’s one of the most effective tools I have seen.”

Steven Fitz

Chief Revenue Officer, Sumo Logic

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